Phong Phu has continuously worked to enhance the business’s operating procedures by collaborating with both local and foreign partners. Furthermore, Phong Phu’s production facilities and factory processes completely comply by the requirements of ISO 9001 standards. The company also employs effective, contemporary management techniques with regard to resource and environmental issues. The top certifications that Phong Phu has obtained in the apparel sector are listed below:


Vietnam Value – National Brand 

The “Vietnam Value” certification is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon Vietnamese enterprises, emphasizing their commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. This certification is awarded to products that meet strict quality standards and have the potential to enhance the Vietnamese brand’s position in the international market. As a brand that has consistently met national standards for 8 consecutive years, Phong Phu’ products always meet customers’ needs for quality, creative capability, and sustainable impact.



The “OEKO-TEX Made in Green” certification is an international quality standard that certifies textile products not only meet high standards regarding the absence of harmful chemicals (such as the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification) but also are produced through environmentally friendly processes and under safe, fair working conditions. All Phong Phu towel products are tested for harmful chemicals, ensuring environmental friendliness, and are manufactured at socially responsible facilities within the community.

ISO 9001:2015

Tiêu chuẩn ISO 9001:2015 là gì?

An international standard for quality management, the ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees the ability to deliver goods and services that satisfy clients and adhere to legal requirements. Phong Phu ensures quality output for partners and customers by adhering to strict quality and production process criteria in their goods.



Global Recycle Standard is a certification for global recycling standards aimed at certifying products of businesses that utilize recyclable materials. This certification ensures that products meet stringent criteria regarding the use of recyclable materials. Phong Phu products incorporate 100% natural cotton materials, ensuring environmental safety. By adhering to these standards, Phong Phu not only demonstrates its commitment to sustainability but also contributes to the preservation of the environment for future generations.


The “COTTON USA” certification is a mark of quality for cotton grown and produced in the United States, ensuring the origin and high quality of the cotton. Products certified by “COTTON USA” are praised for their softness, durability, and color retention. Phong Phu products not only use cotton sourced from the USA but also exhibit characteristics such as softness, fluffiness, breathability, and superior absorbency. This not only ensures comfort and safety for users but also contributes to environmental protection.


The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) serves as a benchmark for assessing businesses’ compliance with regulations concerning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within the business sphere. Phong Phu consistently leads the way in improving the working environment for its labor force, undertaking initiatives to enhance productivity and elevate the company’s competitiveness. By prioritizing the welfare of its employees and adhering to CSR principles, Phong Phu not only ensures ethical business practices but also fosters a sustainable and socially responsible approach to its operations.



The “Organic 100 Content Standard” certification confirms that a product is made from 100% organic content. This standard ensures that every component of the product, not just the main ingredients, adheres to stringent organic criteria. Phong Phu’s towel products meet the Organic Cotton Organic standard, utilizing materials that are entirely sourced from nature and free from harmful chemicals. This certification underscores Phong Phu’s commitment to providing organic and environmentally friendly products, promoting sustainability and health-conscious consumer choices.



The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an internationally recognized standard for the organic textile industry. This standard ensures the organic integrity of the fabric from raw material harvesting to environmentally friendly production methods and social responsibility. GOTS certification ensures that textile products are genuinely organic at every stage of production, including the use of non-toxic dyes and manufacturing processes, while also considering labor practices and working conditions. Phong Phu household towel products are made from naturally grown cotton, free from chemicals, and are traceable to their origins on farms. This certification underscores Mollis’ commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and consumer safety.