ERP system
Advantages in production and management of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning):
Data integration: ERP enables the management and integration of data from different departments, such as production management, materials management, accounting, and sales systems. As a result, performance and information synchronization are improved and management is more effective.
Resource management: ERP facilitates the management of an organization's resources, including personnel, materials, equipment, and tools. This allows you to clearly determine the status and availability of resources to help optimize usage and streamline planning
Enhance production management capabilities: ERP provides tools for production management, such as production planning, production process management, quality control, performance tracking, and data storage. material, etc.
Improved supply chain management: ERP integrates supply chain management functions such as purchasing, warehouse management, order management, shipping, and customer service. This improves rapid response and reduces product shortages.
Workflow optimization: Less manual work and better automation. This makes the business' work more productive and efficient.